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Am/Can Ch* Redlion's Big Business JH WD
6/7/92 - 10/24/04

Such a hard going retriever he was!  Whether a duck or his kong toy, it was always business to him and he never tired of the game.  He was a real softie, sweet tempered and his friend Brian always liked to come and borrow him for the weekend to just hang out together.  To me, he was always "Bis Boy".....

Am/Can Ch* Redlion's Detonator
1/4/94 - 7/15/04

You turned many heads and many knew you.  Your alert look and constant energy were so appealing.  You were a very sweet girl and never got in trouble.  Such a pleasure it was to call you mine.  I was so very proud of you.


    CBISS Am/Can CH Redlion's Short Fuse WD
1-4-94  to 12-26-07

What a sweet special boy he always was. Never a problem and always willing to do what every I wanted. Friendly to everyone and always looked forward to going for a swim at the boggs.  I petted his head softly and ruffled his ears till the end...and even a little after that.....  to a few he was affectionately know as the Muschmellow.

                                   1994 at 11 mo           2002 Canada              2003               


3/15/10 Hi Jane, It was 14 years ago I picked up a little pet-quality pup from you.  He was the last guy left from a litter born of Detonator and Pond Hollow Cassablanca.  We named him Fox because after we picked him up from you we saw a small fox cross your driveway as we were leaving.  He gave us 14 wonderful and amazing years before he passed away last week.  He was surrounded be those who loved him dearly, and he went quietly and with dignity, without any pain or suffering. I just wanted to let you know how grateful I am to have had this amazing Chessie in my life.  He lived a long and healthy life.  He was gentle, very active, an amazing Frisbee player, and the most loyal companion I could have ever hoped for. I want to thank you for introducing us to such an incredible dog.  He will be missed terribly.  Warmest regards,  Chris Bray


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