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 Tips for Raising Puppies
Chewing, Teething and Puppy Biting
     Crate Training and House Breaking
     General Information - Collars, Jogging, Treats, Crying at night, Heartworm, etc
     Puppy Stages  
Puppy Stages 2  


     What to expect from your new Puppy

Breed Standards   
Labrador Retriever- AKC
    Labrador Retriever - FCI
    Chesapeake Bay Retriever
    Golden Retriever Standard - AKC

Chesapeake Bay Retriever - Questions?

Article on Chesapeakes   from the Bay Weekly - March 2006
     Article on Chesapeakes   from Dog World Magazine - 1999

   Article on Chesapeakes   from Field and Stream Magazine
Chesapeakes aren't for Everyone  by James Spencer
     Training Chesapeakes     an insight to the breed by Lani Schema
     History of the Chesapeake Bay Retriever - by Nancy Lowenthal
     Why Buy a Chesapeake

Other Information
 AKC Registration
Animal Shelters and where your Donations go!
      Buying A Puppy - 1
      Buying A Puppy - 2    
      Books and Videos
      Ear Cleaners
Golden Retriever - is this breed for you?
Spaying and Neutering
Therapy Dogs
      Tug of War
      Websites and Chat Forums
      Why Do Puppies Cost So Much?

Training and Trainers -
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      Choking-up method of Correction
Force your dog to come when called
      Leading The Dance
      Nothing in Life is Free
Puppies - teach Retrieving and Hold
      Retrieving Too Much!
Water - swimming dogs and puppies

Vet Care   
   Local Veterinarians in my NJ area
      Vaccinations and what they mean

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